Scope ‘Em

  • Match with people based on location, age and sex
  • Compare photos and profile information of people you are interested in!
  • Check your star compatibility and read about how your two signs will match up!
  • Easily message and Chat with people you are interested in!


For weeks, I used tinder, getting match after match. Only to discover, that the matches and girls on tinder aren't even real people. They either don't chat or they are fake automated responses trying to get you to visit some other website or give out your information or even money. I've recently discovered this new dating app, that makes your matches based on compatibility and astrological signs, with actual real people. It's nice to be able to actually meet and chat with real people like me. Now that I've downloaded Scope ‘Em, I will never use tinder again. Scope ‘Em is the best app you can use in order to network, meet new people, and be matched with people you would actually want to meet and chat with online. Download scope ‘Em today. I'm compatible!!


I am a busyworking professional and I don’t have time to do much of the dating scene.I tried a couple of meet and chat sights but they were a drag. Just pictures and filling out info forms! I stumbled on Scope ‘Em. It was fun,and it gave me a little insight on the person I was looking at. Also, the 4-star zodiac rating system gave me an icebreaker to strike up a conversation!!! I Highly recommend it!


I have tried many dating and meeting sights, but found them BORING!!! I would rather look on Facebook! Then I found Scope ‘Em, the stars were amazingly on point about me and the people I looked at! I love the way it pulls your information in automatically. This app is FUN!


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